Tricyclics- amitryptiline and nortryptiline

Amitryptyline and nortryptiline were originally prescribed for depression, but more recently have been found to be useful to help manage aspects of persistent pain  They are mainly aimed at improving the body's own pain pathways that reduce pain transmission- but they may also improve sleep and even make your mood less flat.

We have included 2 patient pamphlets that will help you understand the medications you are taking.  Please go to the site of the British Pain Society and our own Medsafe (amitriptyline & Nortryptiline)  site for further information on Amitryrptiline and Nortryptiline.

Medsafe Information     amitriptyline.pdf

Medsafe Information  nortriptyline.pdf

Faculty Pain Medicine (UK)  FPM-Amitriptyline_0.pdf

Faculty Pain Medicine (UK)  FPM-Nortriptyline_0.pdf