Treatment and Interventions


  • If there are changes to medications, we  write to the patient’s GP and together work towards altering the medication plan.The GP remains the lead prescriber
  • Our pain nurse specialist phones each patient who has changes to their medication and works with the patient to ensure best outcome in terms of doses and level of activity.


  • If an intervention is planned this is discussed at the initial appointment and an information sheet will be given.
  • A patient consent will be completed
  • An appointment will be made for (usually) a Tuesday afternoon
  • Patients can eat a normal diet prior to most procedures.  If fasting is needed this will be discussed with individual patients.
  • Patients are advised to continue all medications.  
  • If we are undertaking major nerve blocks we may request that blood thinning medication is stopped beforehand (these include warfarin, clopidogrel, riveroxiban and clexane)
  • All patients will need someone to transport them home