Gabapentinoids-gabapentin & pregabalin

This group of medications include both gabapentin and pregabalin.  Both are use full for nerve related or neuropathic pain but can be used for other conditions. Both medications can cause some sedation, fuzzy thinking, unsteadiness and change in mood, but this tends to reduce in impact the longer these are taken.  

Gabapentin is fully funded but needs a special authority-gabapentin for subsidy, whereas Pregabalin does not have this yet and needs to be paid in full.

The plan is to usually start at a low dose and increase slowly- usually starting at night and increasing each dose (three times daily for gababentin- (max daily dose 3600mg in 24h) or pregabalin (max daily dose 600mg in 24h).

For further information on these drugs see below

Gabapentin Gabapentin-Medsafe.pdf   FPM-Gabapentin.pdf

Pregabalin FPM-Pregablin.pdf        Pregabalin.pdf